Friday, January 15, 2010

Yoga and donuts

Last night, I did about 45 minutes of what Steve Ross, the TV yoga man, likes to call "high-energy" yoga. And while after all of these little exercising jaunts occurred I felt glad I did it, I am especially glad I did it last night. I forget how good yoga makes me feel. I know that if I want to lose fat, strengthen my heart, gain all those blah blah health benefits, I need to mix cardio into the routine, though.

Looking ahead to next week, I'm not sure what I will be doing yet but I know it will not be waking up early. That one is waiting until the mornings are a little brighter. I find it nigh impossible to drag myself out of bed on dark winter mornings, but as the sunlight starts showing up again, it's a little easier. So maybe like a month from now. I'm leaning toward a clutter-busting or cleaning challenge, since the twelve boxes and bags of household stuff and clothes I gathered up after the new year will be leaving my home on Monday morning and I think it'll inspire me to do more, but we'll see. Maybe it's time for donut-an-hour week instead. That's a real character flaw I have, not supporting the donut industry enough. It's been making me feel pretty guilty lately.


  1. Elliott's Donuts are the best, if you do decide to go that way. Swedish Bakery comes close, but Elliott's won out in the taste-test.

  2. Elliott's, is that that deli out by...Park Ridge or something? I've had Swedish Bakery donuts and they are mighty fine. Did you have a donut-off?