Monday, January 18, 2010

Dresser top: cleaned

Today's accomplishment: a clean dresser top! I threw away no fewer than eight single earrings and two broken bracelets, and cleaned the rest of my meager jewelry collection, so now I have no excuse for not wearing them (well, other than laziness.) The odds and ends of my mending kit have been reunited in a plastic lock-top box, which will be nice when I'm hunting for a needle and can't rely on my usual method of stepping on the one hidden in the carpet. The bungalow garden article is officially thrown away, the motley collection of Hannah's barrettes are in their proper place in her room, and the bobby pins are neatly stowed in that horrid Longaberger basket I got at a horrid Longaberger party. God, I spent a lot of time at those types of parties in my twenties. I don't miss them. Anyway, ta-da!

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