Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I blew it last night. I had intended to do yoga after putting Hannah to bed, but she was restless and squalled until well past 11, so I was trotting back and forth to settle her down. By 11:30, it just wasn't happening.

I am surprised at how disappointed in myself I am. Silly, but true. I think part of it is that by the time I admitted defeat, the house was a disaster, and I had been doing a decent job of maintaining order up until yesterday. (Not a great job, but a better one.) I was tired and cranky and felt like a schmo for not running up and down the stairs fifteen times as a last resort, just to get it done, even if it would have resulted in my being unable to sleep for three hours.

It's okay though. It's another day. And now I have to decide if, say, hitting the gym on my lunch break AND doing yoga or the effing basement stairs or something would make up for yesterday's bust.


  1. PLEASE don't beat yourself up too much. Do what you can today. It's a new day. Don't let it derail you for the rest of this. OTHERWISE WHAT WILL I READ JEEZ.

  2. I don't know Steph, maybe pick up a BOOK or something? GOD.

    I'm trying not to. It is very easy, though, to look back and think, jeez, you can't do one simple thing for seven days straight, dipshit? But, if I did everything right then I wouldn't need this damned blog, would I?

  3. Heh. You know how much I hate to read.

    I fall into the same trap. I want to get my shit together, so I think of some goals to set. But I don't want to set a goal I think will be HARD. But then if I don't, I don't get my shit together. If it was easy, I would have already been doing it.