Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back pat

Well, it's the end of the week and I batted six for seven -- that ain't too shabby. I hit the gym this morning while Hannah was in ballet, which was a decent use of the time, even if I really needed to get my eyebrows did. But, I can do that tomorrow morning.

If you had asked me yesterday what I thought of this week's challenge, I'd've said it worked out really well -- I felt more alert and less tired, I slept better, and for the most part I ate decently, so I feel like I bought myself a few more minutes of life. But today I'm groggy and irritable, and I don't know if that's attributable to the exercise or the state of the house (and what I feel is lack of assistance from the other members of the household...cough.) And it's hard not to think that the time I spent working out is time I could have spent catching up on laundry or picking up, even though realistically that's not exactly the case. It's all about the time tetris again.

Still, it's helpful to get it documented that exercising, particularly yoga, does make me feel better, and it'll do me good to keep that in mind -- that I need to make it a priority not because I need to lose weight or look better, but because it makes me feel healthier. And that it's okay for me to take that time for myself -- this is something that will take getting used to.

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  1. Thumbs up!

    So I can't recall - what is this next week's challenge?