Monday, January 25, 2010

The eating's not bad

Well, so far, other than the chicken tidbit temptation last night, I am not feeling particularly deprived. Saturday night I had to bypass a prosciutto-and-mozzarella appetizer in favor of bruschetta, and I shared a tomato-artichoke-garlic-caper pizza with friends that was really tasty. Sunday morning I knocked out a couple of omelettes filled with sauteed tomatoes, onions, and feta cheese, and I've already mentioned last night's dinner of pasta with artichokes and mushrooms. Today's lunch (and only lunch, because unless four mini Twix bars count as breakfast I didn't have one) was purchased in the middle of errands at a nearby Panera Bread -- their Mediterranean veggie sandwich, made of cilantro hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onion, and feta cheese on tomato bread. I usually get half of this sandwich in conjunction with a bowl of French onion soup, but today I had to be entirely hand-held so it was all sandwich for me. And while there is a definitely a dearth of vegetarian food in your average fast food restaurant (I don't like even a well-made a veggie burger, so the Gardenburger at BK is not a real option for me) I imagine it was a lot harder for the vegetarian-on-the-go even, say, ten years ago to find something to eat when en route from place to place. My intention was to bring lunch as much as possible, but I am fortunate to work near several very good Middle Eastern restaurants, so I have a lot of good lunch options should the occasion arise.

I do wonder, though, if this vaguely weak, tired feeling is due to lack of protein, or if it's just continued PMS and, you know, life. Or entirely made up.

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  1. If it IS because of the protein, it's because you're eating less than you're accustomed. You're still eating plenty of protein.

    That Panera sandwich sounds really tasty!