Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank god

Today is, thankfully, the last day of the no-lame-jokes challenge.  I'm happy to be nearly done with it because it was two things I don't like: boring AND introspective.

It was boring because it involved me not doing something, which is always difficult, I think, and harder to entertain yourself with. (Unfortunately, that's probably going to be the case for like a third of what I want to do in this exercise.) I had to stop and think about what I was going to say, evaluate its relative lameness, and then decide whether to say it. By that time, the moment had passed, so I'd just shut up. I'm used to just talking off the cuff, I guess, and it turns out that I like that about myself, whether the things I say are funny or not. And while it took some introspection to get to that conclusion, and that's probably a good thing, I really, REALLY hate examining myself. Which maybe makes this whole thing an exercise in crap, but you know, only 358 days to go, right?

So while the challenge itself was a slog, the outcome, I think, is a positive one in that it turns out that this particular habit of mine really only bothers my easily-embarrassed, easily-annoyed teenage WHO CARES? Suck it, AJ, and go shovel the damn walk. Oh, and happy birthday! Love you!

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  1. That's what she said. Ba-dum-dum-psish!

    Yeah, I know that was only lame, not lame funny.