Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You were wrong, Mommy

On the way to Hannah's day school, there is a right turn at a stoplight I make -- and nine times out of ten, it's a right on red. Which, for the record, is perfectly legal at this particular intersection. But try explaining that to a four-year-old who suddenly has become acutely aware of driving practices. As is required by law, I came to a full stop at the red, checked for oncoming cars, and proceeded to turn right -- at which point Hannah yelled, "Mommy! YOU WERE WRONG! The light is RED! MOMMY MOMMY YOU WERE WROOOONG!" She kept arguing with me until the next light, where I guess I redeemed myself by turning left on a green, because she said, "Okay, NOW you're right."

Speaking of kids driving, AJ and I went for a little training drive last night. He's driven a couple of times before, but this is the first time we've done it when he was officially permitted, so it was the first half-hour in his required 50 hours of pre-license driving time. He did really well, but I did remind him that he needs to come to a full three-second stop at stop signs -- and even he seemed surprised at how long three seconds actually is.

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