Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I might be a little punchy

Coke, I'm Gonna Miss You

(and don't pretend your ass doesn't know the melody. Yes it's Milli Vanilli. Don't judge me. I'M IN NO MOOD)

If I knew from the start
You would break my heart
I'd've drunk Diet Coke and we'd never have to part
You wrapped me 'round your pretty plastic bottle
And your sweet brown taste
It made me think my love for you was not misplaced
You put a spell on me
You took my thirst away
But when every can I drink makes my ass a joke
You just can't stay
I'm gonna miss Coke

All the love I feel for you
Nothing could've made me change
To Mountain Dew
Oh Coke...I'm gonna miss ya baby

Given all the love I feel for you
Couldn't make me change
To Mountain Dew
But I'm leaving
Now I'm sitting here drinking water
It's still better than Mountain Dewwwwwwwww

It's a tragedy for me to see
The dream is over
And I never will forget the day we met
Coke I'm gonna miss you

Never caffeine free
You made me so perky
But now I can't erase this potbelly
Multi-meal appeal
You are so unreal
You even go with a bowl of hot oatmeal
When you had a taste of paradise
It's even better with
a Coke on ice
I'm gonna miss you
I miss you

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