Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I even gross myself out

Meet The Big Cup. It's large -- maybe 24 ounces -- and has orange pears printed on it and every morning around 9:30 I fill it with ice and Coke, and it makes me happy.

See that 1/2" of brown liquid at the bottom? It's the dregs of last Friday's Coke. I haven't thrown it out yet because I find it comforting that if I get horribly desperate this week I can always sip that foul ounce or two and totally put myself off Coke for a while. It's the same idea as thinking of a horrific ashtray full of butts and yuck for smokers. By the end of the week it'll be reduced to sludge at the bottom of my cup. Maybe that'll hold me over 'til Sunday. Only 85 hours to go.

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