Tuesday, March 16, 2010

7 am

Technically, I was awake at 6:30 this morning. I was still under the covers, but I was awake. I wasn't allowed to go back to sleep even if I wanted to, because there were four-year-old feet on my neck, a dog's paws on my back, a klaxon-like alarm blaring in my left ear from Peter's side of the bed, and a chirping alarm in my right from my side. Around 6:50 I gave it up for lost and finished reading I Capture The Castle about 60 years after it was written. I still liked it. Finally, I very reluctantly dragged myself up and out at 7. Once I was out of bed, though, I was fine. Cold, a little, but awake and ready to get going. I went downstairs to use the toilet because even though we're married, I still will not pee while my husband is in the bathroom. In the interest of maintaining marital privacy, I will leave it to the reader to suss out whether he feels the same way.  HINT: he doesn't. Anyway, going downstairs re-introduced me to the mild mess that was left last night in what we call the Harold and Maude -- it's a sort of general family area next to the kitchen. So I picked that up and started the dishwasher, and then I went into the bathroom and performed some sorely-needed maintenance on the facial hair. I hate it when the villainous curls at the ends of the my twirly moustache get all droopy...really puts a damper on the look. And then I had plenty of time to fix up my hair (which will last until I go to the gym, at which point it gets Cathy-style frizzy again, but we do what we can) and put on makeup. Somehow I still ran over five minutes, but my lunch was made, the house was reasonably picked up and I didn't have to futz around with anything on my person except putting on tights.

Hannah had obviously had a bit of a rough night, since she came into our room at some point in the early hours, so it was tough convincing her to get out of bed too. I had a secret weapon, though -- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She's gotten a bit tired of Curious George lately, so I started recording MMC since she loves Minnie Mouse so very, very much. Once I turned that on, she was up and at 'em and we enjoyed my favorite part of the morning: snuggling on the couch watching cartoons. And this time, I could actually just sit and watch, instead of sitting for a minute then jumping up to find socks or fix a lunch or pick up last night's art project, like most mornings. It was a pleasant way to start the day -- even if she did give me some guff about getting dressed and I wound up five minutes behind anyway. What is it with kids that kvetch about going to school in the morning like it's going to the gallows, but can't get out of your arms fast enough once you actually get to the school? I'm glad she likes her school, don't get me wrong, but I wish she'd remember she likes it about half an hour earlier in the day.

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