Monday, February 15, 2010

Week Seven: The most important meal of the day

Good gracious, where does the time go? I owe all sorts of updates, but before I retire I have to at least put this out there: this is Eat Breakfast week.

I am not a breakfast eater. Well, that's not entirely true; I love breakfast, but I don't usually really feel like eating until 10 or so. But that's less than ideal, since it's important to eat a decent breakfast for metabolic and energy reasons, as well as to avoid overeating later. Like the time I was PMSing and ran out for McMuffins at like 9:30 on a Tuesday and ate three. But I digress.

I figured this would be a good week for it since I knew I was in for a lovely breakfast on Sunday, when we had a play date for Hannah scheduled with some friends whose daughter is the same age. Roasted pork belly and a cheese-egg-bacon bread pudding? Don't mind if I do. But today's breakfast was a considerable step down from that -- I had planned on a nice bowl of loaded oatmeal, but left it at home and had to settle for a severely freezer-burned toaster strudel that has resided at the very back of the freezer at work for several months now. wasn't bad. I do enjoy a toaster strudel.

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