Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paczki Day!

Paczki Day is the Polish celebration of Fat Tuesday. And lordamighty, do we have a lot of Poles here in Chicago. I'm not generally a huge fan of Polish food in general -- even pierogi leave me kind of cold -- but I have a special place in my belly for Polish pastries. Paczki are basically really kickass jelly doughnuts, made the old-fashioned way: FRIED. FRAAAAAAHD Y'ALL.

So this was my breakfast today. I bought a dozen paczki for the office and two for me -- strawberry and raspberry (at photo time, they were already in my mouth and I had a powdered sugar beard.) And I will buy more on the way home for the family. I don't normally go nuts for doughnuts but paczki, man. Deelightful.


  1. I just ate the quarter of one someone left behind. Seriously, a quarter? COME THE FUCK ON. Don't insult the paczki.