Thursday, February 4, 2010

The lion's den

In retrospect, Target was probably not the best choice for a no-shopping-week shopping destination. The damage was minimal, but even though I did plan on making heart-shaped crayons for Hannah's Valentine's Day party, purchasing the little silicone molds could have waited until Sunday. Also, I could have passed on the little book titled Hannah the Helicopter but at the time it seemed like a real sell-out possibility.

Part of the problem was that I decided I was breaking my shopping fast anyway so I may as well get the damn milk and bread -- but I forgot my list, and so I was trying to hold it all in my head. I recall hearing about a study on NPR that demonstrated how easily willpower is circumvented by giving the subject a simple memory test. The more complex the memory test, the more likely they were to make bad choices. Given that I was trying to remember a list of eight items AND I was starving, I almost want to congratulate myself on not buying the totally adorable dress(es) I walked by on the way to the decongestant aisle. How the hell does Target do it? How do they make me want to buy everything they sell? I swear I don't feel quite as compelled by the merchandise of any other store.

The worst part is that there was a shower curtain on clearance that I could TOTALLY use for the downstairs bath. There were three left. I didn't buy it -- only bought the stuff I came for, plus the $3.50 worth of molds and the book. But what are the chances one will last until Sunday?

Grr. Irritated.

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