Thursday, February 25, 2010

Plans and lists

I have been pretty consistent about going to the gym at least four times a week for the last few weeks, as I believe I have back-patted about ad nauseum here. Today was the first day I went to the gym, got changed, and then got changed back and returned to my car to go shopping. This was because I left my gymshoes at home, not because I couldn't control myself. So, that plan is a bit derailed but it's not the worst: I'll run with AJ tonight and mark "move ass" off my to-do list for today.

Yesterday morning, Hannah woke me up my barfing on my bed. So that pretty much short-circuited my to-do list for the day, the first of which was "go to work". We mostly spent the day lying on the couch watching cartoons, which, if you can get work doing that, I highly recommend. Most workdays I unexpectedly get to spend at home I try to knock as many home projects off my list as I can, but you can't really rope a sickly kid into even the most kid-friendly projects if they're not feeling it. So I gave it up for lost and we just hung out. Except for the barf, it was a nice day. I'm getting used to these four-day workweeks.

And today I got back to work to find a to-do list that hasn't changed a hair. Even after this morning it hasn't. These things that migrate from one day's list to the next are just...things I don't want to do for whatever reason. Looking at it, I could easily knock four of five things off today with about an hour's effort. Wow. That really makes me feel lazy. I am going to do that

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