Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I should also say

AJ and I went for a short pre-football-training-season run on Sunday night, and he wanted to go again last night. But my ass was TIRED. I had gone to the gym over lunch, then went grocery shopping after work, made dinner, picked up...by 8:45 pm I was zonked while folding laundry, and I was trying to get through The Amazing Race with Peter, and Hannah was in the tub yelling for me to watch her watch her WATCH HERRRRR. So he went the tried-and-true route of pouting and huffing and guilt-tripping. I felt bad for shooting him down because I actually enjoy spending the time with him, and I plan to go for a run with him tonight, but damn. The kid needs to get some perspective, because I have things to do, and it's not like the things I've set out to do each evening are frivolous or even optional. But maybe being productive is overrated if it means I am putting so much pressure on myself to do a certain amount of work every night rather than spending time enjoying my family.

Or maybe AJ's just being a baby.

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