Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Serenity now!

This morning I woke up at my usual slovenly 7:20, kissed my husband goodbye, and then flopped back over to half-listen to NPR for a few minutes while I gradually enter consciousness.  At about 7:30, I remembered that I had a limited amount of time so I sat up and assumed a meditative position. Eyes closed, I concentrated and focused on breaths in...and out...and in...and out...and slowly...slowly...my shoulders slumped...I folded over at the waist...rested my forehead on the bed...and fell asleep for another ten minutes. I woke myself up snoring. I suppose this is a sort of meditation, no? What...no?

My plan to finish up the charity week has not yet come to fruition, but I half-assedly (and inadvertently) wound up performing a seventh act of charity when I gave a dude all the quarters in my purse at an intersection today because once again, I had no cash. It was probably like $5 worth of quarters, though -- I've been throwing the quarter leftover from my daily Coke purchase at the vending machine in it for a few weeks now. He looked up, said, "thank you...man...I'm fuckin' starving." And immediately crossed the street toward Jewel. I don't know if he was starving for whiskey or a grilled cheese, but whatever it was I hope he got it.


  1. Sounds like a good meditation to me! :) This last week I've been able to get up pretty easily because the sun is shining that early. God, what a wonderful feeling!

  2. Oh, and also a suggestion: Is it possible to turn off captcha comment verification for people who have previously been verified? I thought that was an option somewhere on WP. It's not a problem, just a small annoyance.

  3. I thought that you could bypass it by providing a phone number, but I might be thinking of Facebook. You must just seem like a sneaky wetback to Captcha.