Friday, May 14, 2010

OKAY OKAY. What about you? Tell me something good. About you.

Lord how this week has flown. I am tired, y'all, T-A-R-D TIRED.  On with the show.

3. I think I'm a good writer. This is something that I have tremendous difficulty saying or writing, because my head is full of "buts" (I'm not as good as...I need to work on...and I have a tendency to...all those things.) Then again, whose head isn't full of buts? Come on Simone...let's talk about your big but.

4. I like to make people laugh, and I laugh easily, loudly, snortfully, and at just about anything. My favorite people to be around are the ones who laugh easily, so if nothing else I hope I make my friends think they're funny because I laugh at everything. Especially Peter. I think they're funny. I also think Peter's funny. Funny is important to me, in case you couldn't tell. Ever been around people who, instead of laughing, sort of smile and say, "that's funny"? NO. I do not do that. I haaate that. To me it's like they're acknowledging that the natural human reaction would be to laugh, and that they understand that, you know, they "get" "jokes", but they are actually creepy robots who stole someone's skin.

5. Check out my ass. Seriously, check it out. It's pretty nice. It's a nice ass. I better celebrate it while I can, before I have to roll it up and tape it into my underwear.

6. I'm a good cook/baker. And I like doing it. Come over to my house and I'll feed you good. I'll feed the shit out of you. I mean, I think I run about 80% on new-to-me dish success and that's pretty fine, and I'm nigh 100% on stuff I make regularly. Plus, I just like food a whole lot. I do. I enjoy growing it, cooking it, eating it. So if we're eating dinner together and you are just tearing up a big trough of mac and cheese or something, baby, I am right there with you and I do not judge. I will roll a scoop of mac and cheese into a chicken skin and eat that motherfucker like a cannoli. You and me, if we eat together and you like food like I like food, it'll be a good time. Unless you say "that's funny" instead of laughing. Then I'll just get drunk.

So, I have one more to go. BAAAAAHHHH this is hard. Tell me something you're awesome at.


  1. I gave a presentation today at work. On something that I had to learn and wrap my head around yesterday. I got several compliments on my presentation, and those who knew I was confused just yesterday said that it was not at all apparent.

    So I have good BS presentation skillz.

  2. With regards to item four: I think you're one of the funniest people I know. You tell a story better than anyone.

    With regards to item five: I have never once checked out your ass. I usually check it out three or more times, occasionally twice, but never once. Your rack ain't horrible either, by the way. Hopefully you know me well enough by now not to be creeped out by this. I notice the nice things, but I don't dwell. :)

    Regarding six: Yes you are. Yum.

    I could steal cooking as mine, but I don't think I'm great. Good, though, and improving, which is nice.

    For my "good thing about me", I'll go with being good at letting bad things roll off of my back. I don't hold grudges and I tend to be pretty quick to fix problems that I have with people.

  3. I have never once checked out your ass. And only because the two times we've been in the same room together, I've been too busy looking at your boobs.